Asparagus menu

Asparagus Menu

Asparagus salad wit goat cheese and midium grilled slices of veal wtih local bread
Homemade ravioli with cottagecheese-, herb-, asparagus filling
Braised beef cheeks in redwinesauce with asparagus Margarete and smashed celery
Fresh marinated strawberries with vanilla ice cream and chocolate crumble
€ 53.00

Cold Asparagus Appetizers

Salad of squid wilth Cailletier olives and asparagues, Confit-Tomatoes and marinated asparagus11,1417,00 €

Cremes of Asparagues

Cream of asparagus soup with chives croutons7Vegetarisch9,50 €

Warm Asparagus Appetizers

Patato Dumplings with asparagus shrimp sauce4,5,715,00 €
Homemade eggtagliolini with ragout of southtyrolian goat15,00 €

Main course

Sous vide cooked salmon with Margarete Asparagues and espuma of lemon and patatoes1,726,50 €
Margarete asparagus with ham from the Terlaner Butchers, Typical sauce, horseradish cream and fingerling potatoes 1,11,726,50 €
Butcher Mair‘s, local produced Ribey steak with asparagues & roast pataoes29,50 €
Stew of local produced fawn with asparagus Margarete and fried potatoes10,11,4,732,00 €


Sweet marinated asparagus with coffehalffrozend,1,78,50 €
Bourbon vanilla Panna Cotta with rasberries1,4,78,50 €
1Eggs and products thereof
4Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridised strains, and products thereof)
5Crustaceans and products thereof
7Milk and products thereof (including lactose)
10Celery and products thereof
11Mustard and products thereof
14Molluscs and products thereof
dcontains caffeine
This asparagus menu will be served during asparagus season until May, 31st of 2018.
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