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Pedalling to the asparagus

“Radlmontig”, Bike Monday: By bike to the asparagus

This year again, the asparagus hosts invite to an incredible tour of indulgent by bike. On the Whitmonday, 21. May 2018, cyclist on the bike trail from Siebeneich to Terlan, Vilpian and back, enjoy a special service: on three stands the asparagus hosts from the asparagus triangle cook various delicious asparagus specialities with succulent ham cher the Terlan butcheries Nigg and Mair and serve the asparagus wine (sauvignon blanc) by the vinery Terlano. A must for sporty savourers.

We want to bring together guests and locals and introduce them to the royal-vegetable, the asparagus.

The annual event, now in its 6th edition, is open from 10 to 16 o’clock on May 21st.

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Standup paddleboarding

picts © P. Pinelli

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Emilio 100, Raffaella 103, Nino 97
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Philipps small bakery

cinnemon rolls

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The planetary trail at San Valentino in Campo

You should visit these incredible places…

The “star-villages” Steinegg and Gummer
The planetarium opens his gates.
Hike on the The planetary trail at Steinegg in Obergummer
Visit the solar observatory Peter Anich.

Stay tuned***

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NOI Techpark
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Belgian Cycling Team
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Hocheppan Castle
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Nonna is the best!

Philipp Conzada is 26 years old and an enthusiastic chef. His passion for cooking stems from his “Nonna”, or grandmother. With her he discovered his passion for a good and regional cuisine.

“Using regional ingredients is very important to me, South Tyrol offers everything. It brings me joy to use meat and asparagus from the region. My boss shares this attitude with me and gives me the freedom to use my creativity in the kitchen.”, so the handsome head-chef.

As of now, the south tyrolean gourmets can relish traditional cuisine, with a more modern interpretation in the Hotel and Restaurant Sparerhof in Vilpiano. Philipp presents himself responsible for the menu, the shopping for the fresh ingredients and the unique presentation of his dishes. With a focus on regional and seasonal products, he keeps the freshness and sensational taste through gentle cooking methods and exceptional raw products.

In the months of April and May, everything in the kitchen of the upcoming young chef focuses on the Terlano Margarete asparagus: a local product of finest quality, paired with Philipps love for cooking. Just like his “Nonna” taught him.

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The Fox and ... the asparagus

A new fable in Terlano: after the tasting for the new Terlaner 2017 straight from the cellars of the winery, we saw a wolf roaming through the asparagus fields of Terlano.

Could this be the south Tyrolean version of the famous fable “The fox and the grapes”?
Of course, it is uncertain how many glasses of wine were had before the wolf sighting…

Stay tuned...

Spargelfeld, Archiv Huber Helmuth
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Planning of a cocktail Party
planning the plates spice chopped spoon Tartar Steak Tartar Armada Guacamole Egg'n graukäse Soup Risotto lardo Cheeks of beef Chocolate crashed strudel
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Bergmannhof Winery
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At Wilys Art Gallery, the preparations for the next exhibition are well on their way and will, like usual, accompany the upcoming Asparagus season.

This year, the focus of the exhibition will be on orchids, envisioned by the artist GIORGIOPPI.

In these pictures you see Willy Sparer looking for works to be displayed for your and our pleasure at Willys Art Gallery in the upcoming months of april and may 2018.

Stay tuned!!!

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Magdalena Schuster, Winery Befehlhof

The winery Befehlhof is situated on 710 meters above sea level in Vezzan. Vezzan is one of the most northern wineyards in South Tyrol. On the slate grounds near Vezzan, the grape varieties of Müller Thurgau, Riesling, Weißburgunder, Fraueler, Zweigelt and Blauburgunder. Fraueler is a very particular grape variety, this relatively unknown, autochthon grape is also known as Vezzaner, and with under 1ha of acreage a variety that has almost completely disappeared from South Tyrol’s vineyards.

Since 1980, wine is being produced in these dry slate grounds. Oswald Schuster was one of the first to cultivate wine in the Vinschgau valley. Having tried everything, from Kerner and Silvaner to Riesling. Some of them, like the Riesling have stuck around and make the foundation for viniculture in the Vinschgau valley.

Oswald Schuster has since retired from viniculture and left his daughter the work in and around the vineyard.

Magdalena Schuster works all year at the Befehlhof. After long years of study and work experience, in New Zealand among other places, Magdalena focuses now on viniculture in the Vinschgau valley and likes to take it slow. After years working in the international wine business she wants to focus her time not only on wine, but other projects as well.

With his small production amounts, the winery Befehlhof is considered to be a small winery by other South Tyrol standards. A secret tip for every wine drinker. The beauty of the vineyard is being displayed trough the unique wines. Riesling and Fraueler with the lovely name Jera are the proof that Vernatsch and pinot grigio aren’t everything in South Tyrol.

Stay tuned!!!

steep steeper cut needed wine n pottery tasting cellar memory Varieties
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Japanese speciality: soba pasta??

Our concierge while waiting for the tour operator to continue his japan trip, spends some time on the fields near Chino (Prefecture of Nagano) and meets a local buckwheat farmer.

Will he return to South Tyrol with Soba noodles?

To find out,
stay tuned!

picts © H. Kita

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The best way to close out the holidays in style.

One of our guests decided to help himself to some oysters, accompanied by a bottle of Réserve della Contessa, Manicor.

A refined and elegant white, perfect for celebrating.

The only thing remaining was a heap of snow and oyster shells…

Stay tuned!

picts © L. Pichler

Schaufel Perlmut
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New Year at the Sparerhof

(a great ending and an even greater beginning)

Our guests chose to spend New Years Eve at the huts near Merano 2000 or in the valley of Sarentino. Awaiting the new year in-between lots of snow and giving the last night in 2017 the celebration it deserves.

After the festivities of the last weeks, what would be better then to wave the holidays goodbye on New Year’s Eve?
The best way to begin 2018.

A Happy New Year to everyone!

Stay tuned

© M. Meier-Fust

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In memoriam Sebastian Stocker:

a visionary for Alto Adige wine, an investigative spirit with many visions, but also a practitioner, who always had the right feeling, good advice and an exciting story to tell. Thank you Wastl for the Stocker method, the Weißterlaner and the knowledge about the ageing potential of white wines from Alto Adige.

Text & pict: Judith Unterholzner

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Late autumn on the mountain peaks

One mountain, two peaks. Monte Luco (2432 meters above sea level) and Piccolo Luco (2297 meters above sea level)

While the mountain peaks are snowed over, at the old church in Vilpiano, springtime is already showing some of its force. The old vilpiano church was constructed in 1639, when it became too small, a bigger church, san Giuseppe dei Lavoratori, was built next to it.

In this moment, spring isn’t quite ready yet to fight in full force, since now it is the time for snow, even in the valley.

While waiting for the coming festivities, visits to the Christmas markets in Merano, Bolzano or Bressanone are the perfect opportunity to try mulled wine and other seasonal treats.

Stay tuned!
© H. J. Althuber

chapel stone blossom
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Merano WineFestival: 26th edition and TerlanoSensEvent 4th edition

Today, our sommelier finds himself at the Merano WineFestival, to meet the creators behind many of our wines and to discover many others.

The Merano WineFestival is the first event in Europe which, since 1992, solely focuses on the selection of top quality products in an exclusive ambience. Its multi-sensory journey in just one Glass, has become a milestone in this type of festivals.

The Merano WineFestival is more than just an event, it is an outright think tank. It provides a platform for exchange between producers, opinion leaders, professionals and consumers. A proper benchmark for high quality and a reference for a selective purchase.

The visibility and notoriety of the Merano WineFestival reaches a global level and represents a brand of top-quality. Every selected company is part of the wine-world’s gotha.

To celebrate 26 years of history, there will be 5 days full of emotions and things to discover with friends: over 450 winemakers among the best of Italy and the rest of the world, almost 200 producers of culinary products and 15 prominent chefs. Expression of the best that our place has to offer, selected by the WineHunter Award Commissions.

Cooking Farm is the highlight of the new Chef Arena, where famous Italian chefs and master chefs will challenge the most traditional South Tyrolean countrywomen in the realization of traditional and innovational plates.

Meanwhile, the Masterclasses will represent a variety of guided tastings of excellent national and international wines with the purpose to create culture and knowledge.

Another fast-growing sector of the last years will be one of the protagonists: during the Naturae and Purae, the best biological, byodinamic, natural, “orange” and PIWI wines (Disease-resistant wine varieties) will be presented on the opening day.

As the highlight of the Merano WineFestival’s Grand Final, we will proudly present Catwalk Champagne, a display of over 250 champagnes by 80 french producers!

All of this on the 26th Merano WineFestival: unique, exclusive, authentic!


And don’t forget about this evenings event in the winery Terlano, where guests from all around the world will meet to enjoy oysters and champagne.

The famous chefs Christian Pichler and Giancarlo Perbellini will be present aswell.

An exciting weekend awaits,

Stay tuned!

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