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On the Farm Trail of Aica
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Wines from the lake

Kaltern - homeland of Kalterersee

Cantina Kaltern in Alto Adige’s oldest DOC cultivation zone is not a classic winery; it stands for an entire town and is an active part of village life: its members are proud to be a part of it, and amongst them are many striking heads and lateral thinkers - farmers in the sideline, which manage only a few rows as well as quality-conscious vintners, who work with great attention to detail and keen to experiment. Their goal: excellent quality at a fair price. The result: wonderfully independent, open-hearted, which were discovered also by the concierge. In this spirit: when I see the lake, I no longer need the Sea.

text: Judith Unterholzner
picts: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 © Kellerei Kaltern

lake lake lake vineyard vineyard sales
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Prosecco and Gin

The young Francesco Maschio, after having spent several years abroad, eventually came home again in order to work in the family's business.

Francesco, world traveller and particularly hospital, showed us around the vineyards of the estate, during a foggy day which was, nevertheless, still beautiful. We were literally stunned by his story-telling abilities explaining the Prosecco, from the hard work on the fields, to the continuous care taking and refinements in the cellars until the wine becomes nothing less than extraordinary.

And then there's the core business of the fine spirits, Francesco's youngest and most ambitious project, where the juniper berries, given to young and enthusiastic coworkers, are taken from the shrub and harvested, and Francesco's capable hand eventually distills the Gin in traditional alembics, paying tribute to how things used to be done.

Everything to be tasted right away at Bar Blume, as an aperitif of as a perfect after dinner drink...

We look forward to welcome you.

Stay tuned!!!!

Pict's 6, 7, 8, 9 © Distillery Maschio Beniamino

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I love this beat
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When wishes come true ....

Dreamlike sunset at 2000 meters

Our concierge did a great job. Our guests from Japan enjoyed a fantastic sunset at the Stoanernen Mandlen yesterday at 7:40 pm and afterwards tasted a dolomite sushi from our chef, quite comfortable with candlelight.

And finally something sweet: Kaiserschmarrn at Blumes Bar.
Is there anything more beautiful?

The excursion was planned down to the last detail: a special ride with the cable car to Mölten, a taxi ride with Sepp to Möltner Kaser and a brave ascent to the summit.

Our concierge was rewarded with happy faces, an "Arigato" and, of course, an invaluable panorama and a fantastic sunset.

We do not want to deprive you of these invaluable views ...

Stay tuned

Cable Car up we go How high Higher Old tree Bear Grylls Sun set still climbing Stone Almost gone There cold Dolomites Skiing? autograph gone sun downer Kaiserschmarrn
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35th anniversary of the Jazzfestival: four months to go

Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige from 30 June to 9 July 2017

Music echoing in the mountains and across the valleys, drifting from beautiful squares and stunning locations across South Tyrol for ten days. Just another four months to go until the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige 2017 takes place on 30 June. The 35th anniversary will take us to the Benelux countries and is packed with plenty of new surprises. A musical box waiting to be discovered at the 70 concerts on offer.

This year’s journey will take us to the Benelux countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg. “We’ve seen an interesting and innovative scene come to light recently across all those countries,” explains Widmann. To honour this edition’s choice, Reinier Baas, Dutch composer and guitarist, will be the artist in residence of the festival, appearing as part of various ensembles throughout the whole event.

130 musicians, 10 days, 70 concerts, 60 locations

A good 130 musicians from all over the globe and South Tyrol will be making an appearance for the festival’s anniversary. Between Friday 30 June and Sunday 9 July they’ll be performing across various locations in South Tyrol, including new settings. The audience will be spoilt for choice thanks to the huge programme including 70 concerts.

We also love jazz and that is why we support this event. Exceptional music in exceptional places, that suits us.

The anniversary programme will be completed in the following weeks and can be found here

Pics: Jazzfestival

Photo: Jazzfestival Photo: Jazzfestival Photo: Jazzfestival
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Goethe's olive grove

... not even a 100-minute drive from the Sparerhof, in Torbole at Lake Garda, it can be traced back in the footsteps of Goethe. The German poet was enthusiastic about the landscape and the view and could not help but linger in this beautiful village. As the lake is already much in bloom, an ideal setting for the perfect day trip. Before returning to home to the Sparerhof, you should also visit Canale di Tenno, a medieval hamlet on the slopes of the Lake, one of the most beautiful in Italy and already honored by many artists and art and mystery in all the winding alleys.

Stay tuned!

The Olive The Lake The Flower More Olives Summer is up? Fjord Glacier Bay Sailing away Tenno, not the emperor Light Main square
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Concierge at his best

Our concierge not only writes new stories for our blog, but our concierge especially draws the threads in the background and fulfills the heart desires of our guests. He already organizes everything before the guest arrives at all.

This time, there is a special task for him, in which he has a great deal of pleasure: our guest would like to surprise his mother with a "Sun Downer on the Mountain" at the end of this month.

And here is our concierge in his element.
He organizes a special trip of the cableway to Mölten, a taxi service from the cable car station to the alpine pasture with a special license for the forest road, ascent to the "Stoanernen Mandlen". It is a magical place at an altitude of 2000 meters in the Sarntal Alps, where the sunset is especially beautiful with a panoramic view of the South Tyrolean mountains with Dolomites and Ortler.

In order to use the magic of this place properly, the concierge organizes a not only a headlamp but also food, fine wine and fine glasses; Nothing should be missing in such a special moment. Afterwards a Kaiserschmarrn with dessert wine lures in the cozy alpine hut, before returning.

The local appearance was a little cumbersome due to the snowfall, but our concierge enjoyed the winter wonderland and the anticipation of enthusiastic guests.

Stay tuned,

Climb High Cow Gate Rest Walking stick which way closed
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Winter is not yet past ....

The snow is there and not there. Even the lawns are not green, but in Vilpiano shines a wonderful sun.
So, one of our customers decided to take the Mountaibike and have a ride, up and down the nearby hills.
Passing between the forest and through farms, vineyards and apple orchards that are still resting, in the warmth of the afternoon sunset.

It gives us these beautiful images ....

If you come to Sparerhof, and want to personally experience these emotions, ask for our advice on the most exciting trails, and those from whom to stay away because some are most dangerous!

Stay tuned!!!

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Jazz Festival 2017: we are thrilled, we are sponsor

The love of music and the will in the cultural landscape to move something caused the Nicola Ciardi and some friends to the club Jazz Music Promotion South Tyrol Alto Adige in 1982 to life. JMP has been pursuing the goal of bringing contemporary and experimental music to South Tyrol and supporting local artists for over 30 years. The focus is on jazz.

We also love jazz and that is why we support this event. Exceptional music in exceptional places, that suits us.

To the 35th edition of the jazz festival, Klaus Widmann and his team will again focus on a special focus of this year. The journey to the Benelux Union will take place in 2017. From a cultural and musical point of view, the three countries have much to offer. Especially in the jazz scene of the Benelux there are some very interesting and innovative musicians and projects.

The Dutch musician Reinier Baas from Amsterdam will play a leading role in the forthcoming festival. The guitarist and composer will perform as "artist in residence" again and again and in many different formations and realize several projects.

So we look forward to variety and unique music moments with the words of Billie Holiday:
"I never sing a song the same way twice."

Stay tuned

Photocredit: Alex Puska, Musicians; The 4-tris

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Blogging off season

Two young bloggers from the Middle East have set themselves the goal of exploring the Dolomites and choosing the Sparerhof as a base camp.
They have moved exclusively on public transport (compliments for this "green" decision).

Having arrived by train in Vilpian, they have explored the Terlan wine trail with our mountain bikes.

With the cable car they went up to Mölten to get to know "Salten" up to Jenesien; and returned by bus.

The beautiful picts also tell of their trip to the Seier Alm, where the young explorers wandered on fresh snow.

After departure from the Sparerhof and from South Tyrol, they reached Riva del Garda (by train and bus) to shoot some autumn photos.

The trip continued to Venice, before the two came back from Rome (this time in the airplane).

A big thank you to Sara and Ester for sharing your impressive photos with us and of course for your passion as bloggers, to tell some stories about our homeland.

Stay tuned!

Radlweg_South Radlweg_North Weinweg_Product_Placement Blogger_Sara Weinweg_The_vine Wine_Road Wine_Road_Pergola Plotting_the_blog Cable_car_ride_01 Cable_car_ride-02 Thanks_for_the_ride Falling_star_condensation_trail Dolomites_really Snowy_hut Dolomites_yes What_a_view Icy_road Fancy fence Blogging Behind_the_fence Aborigines Bloggging_is_	tiring Genesis Winterland Woodo Bridge_over_water Here_goes_the_sun High_heels Steep Hut_in_the_hills Skiing_yet woooowww
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Indian Summer at Castel Tirol
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First snowfall on farms trail
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Pumpkin festival 07 - 16th Oct 2017
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McDonnell Douglas vs. Boeing

An old friend of ours has recently updated me on his career as an airline pilot. He used to fly the McDonald Douglas Super-80, but just upgraded to flying the Boeing 777-300 aircraft. He sent me a short video of his new cockpit and controls. It shows views from the aircraft cameras located in the tail, recording the engines and the contrails that the engines emit as well as the view below. The engines are the world's most powerful engines and produce 120 thousand pounds of thrust each. Landing gear on the B777 is the largest in the world. The video was shot between London and Los Angeles over Canada.

He and his family have been coming to Hotel Sparerhof since 1993. They enjoy spending time in the hotel and surrounding areas for relaxation. Their most recent visit was this past June.

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Even the rain can not stop the enjoyment

Carriage ride through the triangle of asparagus.
Even the rain can not stop the enjoyment

For the first time this season the so-called "Sociable Carriage Run" took place in the triangle of asparagus Terlan, Vilpian and Siebeneich. An initiative of the asparagus farmers, an offer group of eight restaurants of the local chapter of the Terlan Hoteliers- and Restaurateurs- Association (HGV).

From Vilpian via Terlan and Siebeneich led the culinary carriage ride and sent the enthusiastic guests on discovery trip.
Andreas Sparer, chairman of the local HGV group greeted the asparagus lovers at the start at the parish church of Vilpian near Regen. Through the villages and flowering apple meadows, past the asparagus fields, through beautiful alleyways, the participants enjoyed the view and make a stop to enjoy: asparagus creations of the Terlaner asparagus hosts, a seven-course menu of the extra class.

On the way Enrico Degasperi, asparagus builder from Terlan Asparagus explained on the asparagus field the cultivation of the royal vegetable. At the Terlan cellar, chairman Georg Höller took the time to explain the process of processing and marketing, not without tasting the asparagus wine and other specialties from the wine cellar. At a later hour, Andreas Sparer offered the guests "asparagus rolls", to then say goodbye to the comfortable round. A unique excursion for all connoisseurs, explorers and asparagus friends.

Everyone who does not want to do without such a special experience can still register for the convivial carriage ride on 7th and 28th May.
All information is available at or by calling 0471 257 165.

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"Shards bring happiness" or "Strong men needs the country"

The opening of the asparagus season in Terlan was a loud start.
Two extremely strong men, including Chairman of the local chapter of the Terlan Hoteliers- and Restaurateurs- Association (HGV) Andreas Sparer, dared to hoard the immense flower head with Raffiner orchids on its place.
They did not come far because they were too strong: the precious vessel burst into 1000 pieces.
A very good omen for the upcoming celebration.
And so it was then: the 33rd Terlaner asparagus season was ceremoniously opened, the new asparagus queen Nadia Degasperi crowned and the first asparagus stung.
Therefore, shards at the beginning and an accident-free procedure.

Stay tuned!

Image: Asparagus Queen Naida Degasperi, and Sigmar Stocker, Member of the South Tyrolean Parlament & sparkling wine producer

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Raffeiner’s orchids world

Today Saturday March 12th, 2016, only a few kilometers away from Sparerhof the opening of Raffeiner’s orchid world took place.
It was celebrated with a lot of fuss and illustrious guests from all over Alto Adige, but not only.
A wonderful place, where all the senses are stimulated by the immense diversity of this incredible plant, which’s exceptionally elegant and sensual flowers evoke unique emotions and feelings.

This is the orchid world: a big win for Alto Adige and of course the friends and guests of Sparerhof, who in a few minutes can immerse in this tropical world (tropical, but surrounded by mountains and peaks!) and can get inebriated by its beauty.

Stay tuned!

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Soon at the Sparerhof!

Shortly, at the Sparerhof, we will be proud to introduce you to yet another "0-kilometers producer"!

Recently we were guests at the Kornell winery with Florian, the owner, who showed us with great sympathy and great competence his estate and especially its basement. So we had the unique opportunity to try a product that still rests at the moment in the barrels and comes to the market in March. Of course, the opportunity was unique, to try even one or two more bottles (or perhaps there were more?)
The tasting was absolutely convincing and soon we will include Florian's wines in our wine selection. If you are curious to discover how our visit to the winery Kornell has been...well, I will only tell you one thing: it was very simple to take the steps down to the basement, but to hike them up again has been very, very difficult ....

Stay tuned!

cantina@kornell torggl@kornell Ansitz@kornell
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The taste makes the difference!

In the heart of Ireland, between endless far land and sea, in the small village of Kilcogan, Galway, nestled in a unique bay, we have discovered a great treasure: Kellys Oyster Farm, THE oyster farm par excellence.
We could not resist, of course, to take this enjoyment producer into our team of suppliers. Kellys Oyster Farm exports high quality oysters, mussels and clams not only to Dublin, London, Dubai and Canada ... .no: soon also to Vilpian!
The Irish tradition requires the delicious molluscs to be served with a dark beer; we, however, look forward to enjoy to the valuable products, once they arrive in Terlan, with an excellent Terlaner classic and why not: also with an excellent South Tyrolean sparkling wine.
Of course, we immediately inform you as soon as the first shipment arrives!

Stay tuned!

Photo 2 & 3, provided by Diarmuid Kelly

Sunset over the oysters
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