Todays special

Cold appetizers

Salad with tuna, onion rings and olives10,312,00 €
Caprese saladVegetarisch12,00 €
Southtyrolean Speck with air-dried bread (Schüttelbrot) from the Ultimo-Valley412,00 €
Smoked ham with honeydew melon12,00 €


Homemade eggtagliolini with butter and sage1,4Vegetarisch11,00 €
Rigatoni noodles with tomatosauce and Mozzarella cheese1,4Vegetarisch9,50 €

Main course

Veal escalope with mixed grilled vegetables27,00 €
Breast of chicken with glazed carrots17,50 €
Roasted filet of calf with patatoes and vedgetables32,00 €


Lukewarm chocolate cake with praline hearts on pineapple carpaccio9,50 €
Fresh pineapple9,00 €
Half-frozen dessert with honey and caramelised rosemary1,78,50 €
Lemon Sorbet with Limes7,50 €
1Eggs and products thereof
3Fish and products thereof
4Cereals containing gluten (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut or their hybridised strains, and products thereof)
7Milk and products thereof (including lactose)
10Celery and products thereof
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