Asparagus menu

Asparagus Menu

Salad with asparagus Margarete and prosciutto, Bozner Sauce-Espuma
Asparagus Margarete risotto with watercress
Roast of South Tyrolean fawn, asparagus Margarete and oven potatoes
Crème brûlée with strawberries- and sorbet
€ 49.00

Cold Asparagus Appetizers

Baccalà confit, Margarete asparagus, passion fruit16,00 €
Veal tartare, rawMargarete asparagus marinated with Weissenhof apple vinegar, Dr. Schär- crunchy bread, hard cheese16,00 €

Cremes of Asparagues

Asparagus cream soup with a “Vinschgerle”- bread chip, wild garlic9,50 €

Warm Asparagus Appetizers

Dr. Schär Crépes, filled with goat creme cheese from the Algunder dairy farm, ham and Margarete asparagus15,00 €
Glutenfree Gnocchi from Dr. Schär flour, char, asparagus Margarete 15,00 €
Homemade eggtagliatelle with ragout of southtyrolian goat15,00 €

Main course

Margarete asparagus in butter, Dr. Schär breadcrumbs and fingerling potatoes24,00 €
Margarete asparagus with prosciutto, Bozner sauce and fingerling potatoes 26,50 €
Roast of South Tyrolean fawn, asparagus Margarete and oven potatoes32,00 €
Butcher Mair‘s locally cultivated-beef sirloin, asparagus Margarete, herb sauce and fingerling patatoes32,00 €


Panna cotta ice cream with raspberries and nut crumble8,50 €
Dr. Schär butter biscuit-semifreddo, Petit classic, strawberries8,50 €
Chocolate-caramel mousse and coffee jelly8,50 €
This asparagus menu will be served during asparagus season until May, 31st of 2019.
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