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Juval - Messner Mountain Museum
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Short walk from Naraun to Völlan
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Oktoberfest 2019

The Oktoberfest is still going strong until next Sunday, when the taps shut off and the Octoberfest closes its doors for 2019.

After about half of this year’s edition, more than 3,3 million people visited the festival, consuming 72 whole bulls, 25 calfs and, naturally consumed uncountable amounts of beer, as the tent owners proclaim.

The bad news? Last years bands playing in the tents unanimously elected the German pop song “Cordula Grün” as the 2018 anthem. This year’s edition however suffers, as the bands have not yet found a favourite tune.


…and stay tuned!

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A look behind the curtains

What a great opportunity to see Nadja again, the mind behind the asparagus weeks that accompanied us trough the busy months.
Now, she‘s got a new job, very close to home…

Come join us as we take a closer look at the competition

South Tyrolean tourism offers great variety: sports, a place of peace and quiet with the family or offers for pairs, South Tyrolean hotels offer diverse and original experiences, that distinguish themselves with their hospitality and variety. Ideal if your looking to escape from the difficulties of daily life.

Hotel Traminerhof
Good life. Cool Ride. This is the slogan of the Bikehotel Traminerhof, owned by the Pomella family, along the Strada del Vino in Termeno.
To discover the very best of the hotel, proprietor Armin and the architects take us on a tour and let us discover the hotels philosophy and its architectonic style.
Offers to rent an ebike, which make it very easy to visit the various wineries and try their splendid wines. Delicious apple specialties await us in the new Bar-62, the new meeting place for guests and locals.

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Mittenwald market in Germany

A day trip to southern Bavaria. The picturesque city of Mittenwald is known for its colourful houses, its longstanding history of violin-craftmanship and the St. Peter and Paul church built in the 18th century, with its beautiful frescos.

Stay gescmeiding

we are having duck
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The Gampen Gallery in the Bunker
Hail Storm
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Hike to the highest alp in the Ulten valley.

The Marschnell Alp is the highest alp in the Ulten valley.

Marschnell Alp (2213 m)

City life?
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A young bride and groom spent their honeymoon by visiting the beautiful Dolomites and chose the Sparerhof as the starting point for their daytrips. Together they visited the lakes of Caldaro, Monticcolo e Carezza and the surrounding areas. Having one more day left over before their flight home from the Venetian Marco Polo airport, they desired to explore the famous city on the lagoon and asked the Concierge for recommendations on where to spend the night.

Thanks to his connections, he contacted a Venetian colleague who gladly found the young couple a room in a small hotel directly on the famous Canal grande.

They thanked us for their stay at the Sparerhof and the recommendations from our colleague Giorgio, which made their stay in Venice unforgettable. The metaphorical cherry on top as one might say, before the newlyweds boarded their flight home.

Stay tuned!!

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Bathing lake Felixer Weiher

An easy hike, possible even with a stroller, aprox. 400 meters altitude difference

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To the Mariolberger hut near Sant'Elena, Ulten Valley
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Biking to Lago di Garda

A group of ambitious bikers settled down at the Sparerhof for the night, after having completed their first days’ worth of cycling from Malles to Merano and finally to the Sparerhof. Here they relaxed mind and muscles and prepared themselves for the further journey.

At arrival they performed a Jodel, that could be heard from one end of the village to the other. However, some claim their talents where aided by the great tasting beer they granted themselves after an exhausting day on their bikes.

After a light dinner, rich in carbohydrates, they decided to rest, but of course not before having a delightful conversation with the concierge.

In the morning after treating themselves to a breakfast with various homemade jams, cakes, yogurt, typical south Tyrolean whole grain bread, they took a goodbye picture for the concierge before the went on their way down the cycling path along the Adige to Trento.

By tomorrow, they should arrive at the lake.

Stay tuned…

Breaking news: We received word the group has arrived at the lake and even sent a picture of their refreshing bath in the Lago di Garda.

Stay tuned!

Arrival Departure mornings Trento, lunch break A dip in the lake
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Mountain hike to the Obisell hut
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Fortress Franzensfeste & exhibit 50x50x50 free spaces

Artistic lead: Hartwig Thaler

For the fifth time now, the exhibition “50x50x50”, opens at the Fortress Franzensfeste.

FREIRÄUME (translates to free spaces) exhibits the works of over 50 contemporary artists with a special relation towards South Tyrol. Some of them are born here, live outside of South Tyrol or found their home here. As artists they represent what the lively cultural and artistical scene in and around South Tyrol. They occupy the free spaces of Thought and Action and fill them with new and exciting horizons.

The participating artists are:

Mariana Acuña, Leonhard Angerer, Sylvia Barbolini, born to kill (AliPaloma, Julian Angerer, Martin Fritz, Anna Heiss, Nora Pider), Moritz Brunner, Peter Burchia, Peter Chiusole, Monika Costabiei, Markus Damini, Erich Dapunt, Josefh Delleg, Stefan Fabi, Fazekas Fanni BOH_ART, Stefano Favaretto, Karolina Gacke, Astrid Gamper, Markus Gasser, Dario Grigolato, Sonya Hofer, Peter|||KOMPRIPIOTR|||Holzknecht, Ursula Huber, Heinz Innerhofer & Christina Auer, Franz Irsara, Harald Kastlunger, Markus Keim – Beate Hecher, Adama Keita, Markus Kiniger, Lars Klauser, Arthur Kostner, Matthäus Kostner, Kyra Leimegger, Ivo Mahlknecht, Mandarina Muttertier, Massimo Nalin, Verena Oberhollenzer, Margit Pittschieler, Edith Plattner, Hans Peter Ploner, Petra Polli, Andrea Pozza, Martin Pöll, Gregor Prugger, Leonora Amalia Prugger, Christiane Raich, Abbas Asadi Reza, Susanne Rieper, Orlando Rojas Gutiérrez, Thaddäus Salcher, Hubert Scheibe, Matthias Schönweger, Flavio Senoner, Johanna Senoner, Sergio Sommavilla, Maria Stockner, Martina Stuffer Tarhan, Georg Tappeiner, Tobias Tavella, Hartwig Thaler, Gala Vague, Peter Verwunderlich, Alexander Wierer & Vakhtang Sikharulidze, Francesca Witzmann.

From the 8th June to the 8th September, the exhibition curated by Hartwig Thaler, can be found in the internal and external spaces of the Fortress and transform the area into a celebration of arts. Other activities such as music and dance performances or literature and music will accompany the exhibition during the summer.

50x50x50 FREIRÄUME, supported by the regional museum Fortress Franzensfeste and the association OPPIDUM, was opened on Saturday, June 8th at 10:30 a.m. in attendance of the chairman of the museum Angelika Fleckinger, the major of Franzensfeste and president of OPPIDUM, Thomas Klapfer, the artistic leader and curator Hartwig Thaler, many of the exhibiting artists and many visitors.

Additional program supporting the exhibition:

21. June, 17 o ‘clock
Alba – „Vom Schatten ins Licht“
Performance with children and teenagers of the Community Dance Academy

26. July, 20.30 o ‘clock
Violin and Piano performance in collaboration with the AlpenClassica Festival

17. August 20 o’ clock
space is only noise
Sound performance by Tobias Tavella

7. September 20 o’ clock
La casa fuori
Literary evening of the compagnia delle poete under the leadership of Grazia Negro of the literature agency LINGUAFRANCA

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Acknowledging the engagement of the Terlano asparagus hosts

The eight Terlano asparagus hosts reached the finals of this year’s EUREGIO competition “Tourism meets agriculture” with their Terlano asparagus season project and have been rewarded for their longstanding engagement.

The competition “Tourism meets agriculture” looked for projects in Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino that combined the two aspects and promoted their relationship and importance. The project of the Terlano asparagus hosts was presented and honoured in the Bolzano Merkantilgebäude, reaching the finals out of 73 projects.

For 36 years now, eight asparagus hosts from Terlano, Vilpiano and Settequerce, together with the asparagus farmers, the winery Terlano and the tourism association of Terlano organise the speciality weeks of the Terlano asparagus season. Taking place every year during the asparagus harvest, from the beginning of April to the end of May, the asparagus weeks have established themselves as one of the most renowned culinary speciality weeks in South Tyrol.
Ever since the founding of the asparagus weeks, the primary goal has been to combine and cross-develop the two economic branches.

Apart from the Easter week, the months April and May, are among the least busy months for tourism in South Tyrol. The Terlano asparagus season achieved a rise in attractivity and visitor numbers for the off-season. The asparagus triangle (Terlano, Vilpiano and Settequerce) profits all year round from the speciality weeks. Those who know Terlano, connect the village not only with wine, but also asparagus. On the other side, thanks to the asparagus weeks, it was possible to increase the awareness and the sales volume of the rather niche agricultural product. In the last years the production of asparagus has increased. The cooperation with the asparagus farmers and the winery further motivated to find new partnerships with small and local producers, like the association of small animal breeders, egg farmers with the quality sign South Tyrol and various butchers, bakers and apple cultivators.

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The Passer Gorge, water shapes the valley
Well diserved lunch
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Pinot noir? Mazzon

The pinot noir, cultivated in the dolomite-chalk hills of Mazzon, is among the most refined wines of South Tyrol. Such complexity in pinot noir is very seldom in Italy, and the small and sleepy town of Mazzon does not have to hide behind the international competition.

The cellar masters around Mazzon know how to appreciate the soil and climate. Condensed on such small space, renowned wineries like Hofstätter, Ploner, Haas, Gottardi and Brunnenhof, have long realised the potential of the location and manage to continue to develop various exciting new wines.

Everything started with one name: Vigna S. Urbano. The name that nowadays can be found on a bottle of Joseph Hofstätter wine, was the wine in South Tyrol guaranteeing its origin by certification. Today it is still celebrated for its elegance and complexity, far outside of Mazzon. A founding stone for south tyrolean focus on quality and in this region and example for the rapid change in agriculture.

Stay tuned!!!

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Born to ride

The official partner of BMW motorcycles from Thailand visited us during their Enduro tour.

The staff of BMW Thailand, with lots of fans following them, visited some of the most scenic parts of South Tyrol. Some of the highlights are certainly the visit to a local glacier, where the riders from hotter and more humid climates touched fresh snow for the first time in their lives.

Thanks to enduropark for the beautiful pictures.

Stay tuned!!!

Pict © Enduro Park Thailand

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Beware of Bellyflop Splash zones

Summer’s here!

The perfect time to leap into the pool! But be warned!

The ground may be slippery when wet, even the more seasoned pool divers should be careful not to spend such beautiful weather in the hospital!

It’s best to enjoy these hot afternoons from the inside of our swimming pool.

Stay tuned!

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Peddaling to the asparagus

Terlano - The asparagus hosts of Terlan, Vilpian and Siebeneich, recently invited to an incredible culinary bike tour through the asparagus triangle. The "Radlsonntag", organised every year, to celebrate the asparagus season, continued to attract a lot of people. At various stands, the eight partaking restaurants offered asparagus dishes, with ham from the butchers Nigg and Mair, asparagus wine from the winery Terlan aswell as the sparkling apple-winefrom the Sandwiesenhof. The mayor of the surrounding communes enjoyed the creative dishes, made from the Margarete asparagus. Dr. Schär and the bakery Mein Beck, supplied the cyclists with a sweet treat. "The organisation of this event was financially supported by the Raiffeisenkasse Terlan, and wants to help bring guests and locals into contact with the asparagus farmers and hosts.

From the left: Armin Gorfer, mayor of Gargazon, Roland Danay, mayor of Andrian, Edmund Lanziner, President of the association of communes Überetsch-Unterland, Klaus Runer, mayor of Terlan, and Georg Eyrl, head-chairman of the Terlan winery.

Photo Marion Lafogler

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Lake di Ledro
A visit to the Lago di Ledro.

A 9km hike around a beautiful lake on a wonderful spring day.

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