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picts © K. Brugger

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Terlano winery

picts © K. Brugger

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The Parcines waterfall

picts © nr 3 -6 F. Faber

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Bergl Hut 2.214 m in the Schnals Valley
Kurzras Oetzi? A room with a view staying or resting?
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Vespa, Ischia & Positano

Ischia, hot weather and vespas, all the ingredients for an Italian summer at the Sparerhof! After crossing the Brenner and the passo Giovo by vespa, stopping for a refreshing drink is a must before continuing southwards.

Beautiful vintage colours, the vespa never falls out of fashion, together with Napoli, Ischia and Positano.

Good travels, the concierge awaits your return.

Stay tuned!

picts © nr 1 r. thaler
picts © nr 2 -3 m. teuwsen

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Ultental Valley farm run
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The hut Canziani at Lago Verde (2560 m)
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Salt Lake City?

With 22.000 bottles of wine a year, the vinery Abraham can’t really be considered one of the biggest in South Tyrol. But not everything is always as it seems.

Founded 10 years ago by the winemakers Marlies and Martin Abraham, they are now considered among the most innovative and most interesting viniculturalists in South Tyrol. Winemakers from near and far visit their vineyard in Appiano, to be convinced by their philosophy and their quality standards.

It all started like most clever ideas do: with a bottle of wine. After countless deliberations and wine tastings, Marlies and Martin decided to further their ambitious winemaking tradition.

After taking a small loan, they expanded their winecellar and stocked their first wines. Today, after ten years, the family holds still true to their values and continues to expand, step by step.

The repertoire of the vinery includes pinot bianco, gewuerztraminer, vernatsch, pinot nero and sauvignon. But don’t expect the usual characteristics od south Tyrolean wine behind these varieties. These wines are characterised by their complexity, elegance and persistence.

In and around Appiano grow high quality grapes in the chalk and porphyry hillsides. The Terroir in Appiano itself couldn’t be more different. The lowest vineyard can be found on 400 meters , while the highest lies 700 meters above sea level. Tempetature and climate couldn’t be more different, which can be seen in the wines.

Small, but high calibre, these words describe the winery Abraham perfectly. A winery that you should definitely be on the lookout for.

Stay tuned....

picts © nr 8 T. Saito

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Pemmern - Rittnerhorn - Barbian
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A hike from Meran 2000 t0 Kratzberger Lake
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Paolina Hut?
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The egg

During the Terlano asparagus season, we got to know eggs from the Schlernhof and discovered four reasons to keep using these fresh eggs from the animal-friendly, free-roam farm:

The eggs come only from happy hens, raised in prime conditions. The hens have lots of roaming space, enough space in their barns and enjoy their sand-baths.

The quality of our products is improtant to us and our head chef Philipp Conzada is convinced: "Freshness and quality of a product can be tasted in the dishes."

pict: IDM / F. Blickle

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A long weekend of excursions and fun in the Dolomites and in Vilpiano

picts © K. Brugger

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Pedalling to the asparagus

“Radlmontig”, Bike Monday: By bike to the asparagus

This year again, the asparagus hosts invite to an incredible tour of indulgent by bike. On the Whitmonday, 21. May 2018, cyclist on the bike trail from Siebeneich to Terlan, Vilpian and back, enjoy a special service: on three stands the asparagus hosts from the asparagus triangle cook various delicious asparagus specialities with succulent ham cher the Terlan butcheries Nigg and Mair and serve the asparagus wine (sauvignon blanc) by the vinery Terlano. A must for sporty savourers.

We want to bring together guests and locals and introduce them to the royal-vegetable, the asparagus.

The annual event, now in its 6th edition, is open from 10 to 16 o’clock on May 21st.

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Standup paddleboarding.... patience is a virtue

Born to be wild

The door tings, a guest enters and a memory hits the Concierge.

Pippo and yours truly, canoeing down the Etsch.

Of course, they tipped over, and almost drowned while trying to save the paddle. A river like the Etsch does have strong current.

And there he stands, right in front of the Nightporter: his childhood friend Pippo.

Many years ago he moved to Rome and now returned for a new adventure: a standup paddleboarding tour on the Etsch with his wife.

But for the concierge, these times are over. Pippo it was nice meeting you after all this time.

stay tuned....

picts © P. Pinelli

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Emilio 100, Raffaella 103, Nino 97

Celebrating 300 years of age.

The siblings Emilio, Raffaella and Nino are a combined 300 years of age old. This had to be celebrated: with an asparagus menu at the end of April. The jubilarian Emilio celebrated a round birthday, 100 years and had the luck to celebrate together with his siblings Raffaella (103) and Nino (97).

Under the revellers were not only friends and family but also mayor of Terlan, Klaus Runer.

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Philipps small bakery

cinnemon rolls

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The planetary trail at San Valentino in Campo

You should visit these incredible places…

The “star-villages” Steinegg and Gummer
The planetarium opens his gates.
Hike on the The planetary trail at Steinegg in Obergummer
Visit the solar observatory Peter Anich.

Stay tuned***

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NOI Techpark

Innovation prototyped by nature.

NOI Techpark Sputh tyrol is hosting the HGV forum 2018.

The 12 square hectare Noi Techpark South Tyrol, at the old aluminium fabric “Aluminia”, south of Bolzano, was opened in October 2017.

The name NOI stands for Nature of Innovation. The name tells it all, nature is the biggest contributor for innovation. This means that the NOI Techpark is sustainable and flexible. The name can also be interpreted as something else: as something new, according to the South Tyrolean german dialect and the Italian word for “us”.

The NOI Techpark is the host of the HGV forum 2018, which will be held on the 16th of April. “Innovation is an important topic in tourism, we chose the Techpark for this reason, to get inspired by development in other areas.”, said HGV-President Manfred Pinzger.

The Technology Park will be a network of all the major players in South Tyrol, who stand for innovation and work toward even more attractive surroundings and high quality talents.

The NOI Techpark specialises, together with the Smart Specialisation Strategy of South Tyrol, on supporting research and development in the technological areas of energy efficiency, alpine technologies, food technologies as well as Smart Technologies and automation.

South Tyrol wants to establish itself as a sustainable economic powerhouse with Innovation and Know-how. “The NOI Techpark is the focal point of South Tyrols development strategy.” Says the Landeshauptmann Arno Kompatscher.

picts © nr 2 - 8 HGV

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Beligian bike squad

We have the great honour to accommodate the national Belgian biking team in our house. Thankfully they brought with them good weather for their race tomorrow.

Good luck to:

Clement HORNY
for the men squad: Juniores

for the women squad Under 23

for the men squad Under 23

for the women squad Elite

Our chef Philip, and Giuseppe prepare a special diet for the bikers. If the bikers are successful, we will certainly feel victorious with them!


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