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Elderflower syrup

The other day, to stretch his legs (wearing a mask of course, if social distance could not be guaranteed, which was not the case), the concierge walked along the Adige river. Not along the cycle path, but along the riverbank.

Along the embankment the elderberry is in full bloom. At this sight, the various uses of elderberry immediately came to his mind. In his childhood it was a tradition to cut off a branch and make flutes and small pipes from it.

Grandmother always said that you should always bow twice to an elderberry plant. Elder is so healthy that it was also called the poor man's pharmacy.

What the concierge remembers most was the refreshing elderberry juice. A delight on hot summer days.

So, the small, white, star-shaped blossom wildly growing along the riverbank was plucked and used to make elderberry syrup.

And now that the lockdown has been lifted and the measures have been relaxed, we can open the bar again and serve our delicious homemade elderberry syrup.

The ingredients?

Water, sugar, citric acid, elderberry, lemon, and organic oranges.

Tasty elderberry juice. Just in time for summer.

Stay tuned!!!

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