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Eisacktaler Schluzkrapfen, pasta filled with cottage cheese & spinach, served with parmesan & brown butter

Spinach and ricotta for the "Schlutzkrapfen"

The concierge recently drove to Lana, which is only a few kilometres from the hotel and where, purely by chance, a farmers' market sells produce on the central street of the village.

When the concierge noticed fresh spinach, he did not hesitate for a moment and made his first purchase. He continued to the concierge's favorite dairy farm, cheese was already on the shopping list and all he needed for his personal favorite meal was ricotta cheese.

Arriving at the hotel, the concierge, wearing the typical Tyrolean blue apron, started to prepare the dough and the filling.

All that was missing now was sage and butter. Local butter and self-grown sage. Some chives and voilá.

"Schlutzkrapfen", dumplings, "Kaiserschmarren", apple strudel... What is your favorite dish? We are curious!

Here you can find the concierge's favorite recipes.

Stay tuned!!!

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