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With 22.000 bottles of wine a year, the vinery Abraham can’t really be considered one of the biggest in South Tyrol. But not everything is always as it seems.

Founded 10 years ago by the winemakers Marlies and Martin Abraham, they are now considered among the most innovative and most interesting viniculturalists in South Tyrol. Winemakers from near and far visit their vineyard in Appiano, to be convinced by their philosophy and their quality standards.

It all started like most clever ideas do: with a bottle of wine. After countless deliberations and wine tastings, Marlies and Martin decided to further their ambitious winemaking tradition.

After taking a small loan, they expanded their winecellar and stocked their first wines. Today, after ten years, the family holds still true to their values and continues to expand, step by step.

The repertoire of the vinery includes pinot bianco, gewuerztraminer, vernatsch, pinot nero and sauvignon. But don’t expect the usual characteristics od south Tyrolean wine behind these varieties. These wines are characterised by their complexity, elegance and persistence.

In and around Appiano grow high quality grapes in the chalk and porphyry hillsides. The Terroir in Appiano itself couldn’t be more different. The lowest vineyard can be found on 400 meters , while the highest lies 700 meters above sea level. Tempetature and climate couldn’t be more different, which can be seen in the wines.

Small, but high calibre, these words describe the winery Abraham perfectly. A winery that you should definitely be on the lookout for.

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