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Juval - Messner Mountain Museum

The concierge is looking for the most beautiful places around the Sparerhof. An environmentally friendly day. We travelled by train, which is only a few meters from the hotel, we drive in the direction of Merano and there change train to Vinschgau.

We then continue to the village of Tscharsch and then hike to the parish church.

Once at the church, we continue our walk on the Waal, the irrigation channel that leads us to the foot of the Messner Mountain Museum. The path along this Waals is very pleasant, as it leads us along the slope of the Sonnenberg, through the forest in the direction of Castel Juval.

It is also suitable for the whole family.

Reinold Messner was born on 17 September 1944 in Brixen; His name is associated with countless sporting events, not just climbing and exploring, notably known as the world's first mountaineer to climb all 14 summits in the world over 8,000 meters. Among other things, he also crossed the Arctic, Greenland and the Gobi Desert.

These experiences, especially the culture of the mountain, are told in his numerous books. And to give everyone a better idea of the mountain, Messner determines what our next destination is, the Messner Mountain Museum.

When we arrived at the Messner Mountain Museum, we visited the beautiful and interesting building with a guided tour. The castle tour told us that the famous mountaineer was currently in.

But unfortunately, we were not lucky and did not see either Messner or a Yeti!

We consoled ourselves with a good portion of local cheese and bacon and the typical Vinschgau bread (Vinschger Paarl), before we walked down into the village of Staben, where we were greeted at the station by the Alpenhornkapelle.

The occasion was the inauguration of the new station of Staben, where the mayor of Naturns Heidegger Andreas, the vice-president of the South Tyrolean Landtag Alfreider, Daniel, dr. Martin Ausserdorfer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the STA - South Tyrol, AG Transport Structures and finally Alois Köll, Mayor of Schenna.

After such a beautiful and environmentally conscious day we return to the hotel with the memory of a pleasant day outdoors.

Stay tuned!

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