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The Eisack valley chestnut-weeks are on their way

Klausen – The 17th edition of the chestnut weeks in the Eisack valley, organised by the HGV (hotel and inn-keepers association), has been opened at the Pfarrplatz in Klausen. Starting October 20th until November 4th, 15 inns and restaurants centre their culinary offer around the chestnut.

„The participating inns reinvent themselves year after year to serve their guests creative chestnut dishes”, says Helmut Tauber, chairman of the Eisack valley HGV and the organisation committee of the chestnut weeks. Maria Gasser, mayor of Klausen: “I would like to thank the innkeepers and the HGV-Eisack valley, for promoting our chestnuts time and time again.”

Opening in Klausen

15 participating inns and restaurants presented their culinary innovations and invited us to try. The two aspiring chefs Jasmin Ruedl from the restaurant “Ansitz zum Steinbock” and Alex Faltner from the Panorama-Wellness-Hotel “Feldthurnerhof” prepared two exquisite chestnut dishes live, that were then judged by a jury. Visitors had the opportunity to try the “original Eisack valley chestnut cake”, supplied by the confectionery Gasser in Lüsen. In its eighth edition the golden chestnut award went to the chestnut associations of Eisack, Vinschgau and the Keschtenriggl association, for their contributions.

Supporting programme

Next to culinary pleasures, all friends of nature and culture can experience exciting offers by the local tourist associations, like organised hikes, concerts, markets, parties and lots more that warrant a trip to the Eisack valley.

The chestnut plays a major role at the “Keschtnweg”. The idyllic hike from Neustift to Brixen, Feldthurns, Klausen, Villanders, Barbian and Ritten to Bolzano and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the autumn landscape and chestnut trees.

Participating Inns and Restaurants

Hotel Restaurant Pacher, Neustift, Tel. 0472 836 570
Restaurant Der Traubenwirt, Brixen, Tel. 0472 836 552
Gasthof Sunnegg, Brixen, Tel. 0472 834 760
Restaurant Künstlerstübele Finsterwirt, Brixen, Tel. 0472 835 343
Südtiroler Gasthaus Fink, Brixen, Tel. 0472 834 883
Alpenrose’s Dining & Living, Pinzagen/Brixen, Tel. 0472 832 191
Bauern- und Gasthof Kircherhof, Albeins/Brixen, Tel. 0472 851 005
Panorama-Wellness-Hotel Feldthurnerhof, Feldthurns, Tel. 0472 855 333
Hotel Restaurant Taubers Unterwirt, Feldthurns, Tel. 0472 855 225
Hotel Restaurant Oberwirt, Feldthurns, Tel. 0472 855 212
Gasthof Wöhrmaurer, Feldthurns, Tel. 0472 855 301
Gasthof Walther von der Vogelweide, Klausen, Tel. 0472 847 369
Gasthof Ansitz Fonteklaus, Lajen-Klausen, Tel. 0471 655 654
Restaurant Ansitz zum Steinbock, Villanders, Tel. 0472 843 111
Gasthof Rösslwirt, Barbian, Tel. 0471 654 188

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