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The Glögglhof vinery
In sleepy St. Magdalena, away from the hectic daily life in Bolzano, the Gojer family cares for their vinery and their crops. The Glögglhof is one of the smallest vineries in South Tyrol. Nevertheless, it is one that you shouldn’t sleep on!

For multiple generations now the family has cared about the steep vineyards above the farm with love and care. The hills are in fact so steep that work with heavy machinery becomes impossible, everything is grown, tended to, and collected by hand.

St. Magdalena is most notably known for two things: the impressive old church that lends its name to the commune and of course to their second most known thing: the wine. Made mostly out of indigenous Vernatsch, it would be easy to forget about indigenous lagrein, since for every twenty grapes of Vernatsch, only about a single grape of Lagrein finds its way into a bottle of St. Magdalena, dictates the hundreds of years old tradition.

With such a known red wine, it is of course no surprise that it overshadows the white wines of the Gojer family, which do not have to hide behind their more known brother.

Cultivated in Karneid, they reflect the freshness and acidity of the cold climate in the Eisack valley. For years now the Kerner enjoys more and more of the limelight. Originally a cross-breed of Riesling and Vernatsch, the grape variety found its place in the sparse hills of the Eisack valley.

The more known varieties of Sauvignon and Pinot Blanc also found their stay in the hills. The resulting taste is atypical for South Tyrol but convinces by its charm and character. While they do not have to hide behind the two St. Magdalena reds of the Gojer family, a classical and a premium selection, these wines reflect St. Magdalena in two intertwined ways: one of tradition and terroir.

If it is the classical St. Magdalena, or the St. Magdalena Vigna Rondell, you should try both. A get together of generations, of two directions in wine tradition and culture.

Against all difficulties, the Gojer family creates an authentic product, with its own identity. In times of constant advancement, this small vinery retains the original South Tyrolean identity while still going with the time.

The Glögglhof masters blurring the lines between tradition and innovation. A vineyard you shouldn’t sleep on.

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