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Apple chutney... sweet, sour, spicy... Yummy!

#Iorestoacasa continues and the concierge uses the time to clean the attic. Between a lot of wastepaper and objects that will go directly to the recycling centre, there are also some interesting things. A collection of notes, sketches, notebooks and books that should not be lost under any circumstances.

If we look through these books (since we have time for that right now), we discover that one of them is all about cheese. And in South Tyrol we have a large selection of cheese.

On these pages Mrs. Johanna from the Hotel Management School Kaiserhof in Merano lists all the different types of cheese:

1. low fat cheese

2. a quarter-fat cheese

3. semi-fat cheese

4. three-quarter-fat cheese

5. fatty cheese

6. full-fat cheese

Seventh cream cheese:

8. double cream cheese

And then explains how to serve it correctly:

1. the cheese must be taken out of the fridge in time

2.Select the cheese accordingly to menu and taste...

3. etc. etc.

But now comes the point our concierge is interested in.

Under garnishes, with which the cheese can be served, the following can be found:

pears or apples

So finally, we have an answer to the question what can be done with the remaining apples in our refrigerator: Apple chutney.

Now we just need a recipe. Maybe in one of these old books?

From an old cookbook from the hotel management school:

Wash and peel the apples and then cut them into small pieces.

Cut the onion into slices.

Put the sugar in the pot and caramelise it with wine and water.

Add apples and onion and bring to the boil with cinnamon, ground black pepper and chilli.

Then pour the mixture into glasses and let it cool down.

Do not forget to label the glasses, or otherwise you might confuse them with the breakfast jam!

The last box of apples of the 2019 season is gone. When the chutney is ready to be served with the cheese, the concierge will document it here on this blog.

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