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Acknowledging the engagement of the Terlano asparagus hosts

The eight Terlano asparagus hosts reached the finals of this year’s EUREGIO competition “Tourism meets agriculture” with their Terlano asparagus season project and have been rewarded for their longstanding engagement.

The competition “Tourism meets agriculture” looked for projects in Tyrol, South Tyrol and Trentino that combined the two aspects and promoted their relationship and importance. The project of the Terlano asparagus hosts was presented and honoured in the Bolzano Merkantilgebäude, reaching the finals out of 73 projects.

For 36 years now, eight asparagus hosts from Terlano, Vilpiano and Settequerce, together with the asparagus farmers, the winery Terlano and the tourism association of Terlano organise the speciality weeks of the Terlano asparagus season. Taking place every year during the asparagus harvest, from the beginning of April to the end of May, the asparagus weeks have established themselves as one of the most renowned culinary speciality weeks in South Tyrol.
Ever since the founding of the asparagus weeks, the primary goal has been to combine and cross-develop the two economic branches.

Apart from the Easter week, the months April and May, are among the least busy months for tourism in South Tyrol. The Terlano asparagus season achieved a rise in attractivity and visitor numbers for the off-season. The asparagus triangle (Terlano, Vilpiano and Settequerce) profits all year round from the speciality weeks. Those who know Terlano, connect the village not only with wine, but also asparagus. On the other side, thanks to the asparagus weeks, it was possible to increase the awareness and the sales volume of the rather niche agricultural product. In the last years the production of asparagus has increased. The cooperation with the asparagus farmers and the winery further motivated to find new partnerships with small and local producers, like the association of small animal breeders, egg farmers with the quality sign South Tyrol and various butchers, bakers and apple cultivators.

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