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...once more at the Dorfner

A sunny day, clear skies.

At the Sparerhof the weather is always nice. If you work in tourism like the concierge, the weather is "always nice", even when it rains.

But today it was actually nice. So what to do with such splendid weather?

How about we pay our colleague Anton Dalvai a visit.

Where to then? Onwards to Montan, south of Bozen. From Montan we go on to Gschnon where the Dorfner restaurant is situated.

Anton, owner and chef, has been working behind the stove since he was a boy.

For him cooking means: "Think global, act regional, for us, that’s a thousand meters above sea level."

This is one of Anton's core beliefs; next to his hotel and restaurant is the family-run farm, which is a source of inspiration and success for Anton.

Mere meters form the restaurant, they grow many of the ingredients they use in their dishes themselves. The concierge is visiting for the second time and the food still tastes excellent, each dish carefully and masterfully prepared.

Great attention to details is put into everything. Even the porcelain and cutlery, right down to the glasses in which Baron Longo's "Solaris" wine is tasted, have been carefully selected.

It might be best not to order a second glass of wine though, as the pathway back is narrow and steep.

Next time it would be best to come prepared. Sturdy shoes, a comfortable backpack. It might even be best to dine and then stay the night. Ah well, next time…

stay tuned!!!

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