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Cabin fever?

From Munich to Vilpian by bike: 270km, a 16-hour ride, 2500 meters of altitude difference. Starting at 4:00 in the morning, passing Bad Tölz, the Sylvenstein dam, Lake Achen, riding through the Inn valley, up the Brenner and then along the cycle path from the Italian border exactly 100km to the Sparerhof. Could it be a coincidence that the Sparerhof is exactly 100km away from both Reschen and Brenner?

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Biking to Lago di Garda

A group of ambitious bikers settled down at the Sparerhof for the night, after having completed their first days’ worth of cycling from Malles to Merano and finally to the Sparerhof. Here they relaxed mind and muscles and prepared themselves for the further journey.

At arrival they performed a Jodel, that could be heard from one end of the village to the other. However, some claim their talents where aided by the great tasting beer they granted themselves after an exhausting day on their bikes.

After a light dinner, rich in carbohydrates, they decided to rest, but of course not before having a delightful conversation with the concierge.

In the morning after treating themselves to a breakfast with various homemade jams, cakes, yogurt, typical south Tyrolean whole grain bread, they took a goodbye picture for the concierge before the went on their way down the cycling path along the Adige to Trento.

By tomorrow, they should arrive at the lake.

Stay tuned…

Breaking news: We received word the group has arrived at the lake and even sent a picture of their refreshing bath in the Lago di Garda.

Stay tuned!

Arrival Departure mornings Trento, lunch break A dip in the lake
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Peddaling to the asparagus

Terlano - The asparagus hosts of Terlan, Vilpian and Siebeneich, recently invited to an incredible culinary bike tour through the asparagus triangle. The "Radlsonntag", organised every year, to celebrate the asparagus season, continued to attract a lot of people. At various stands, the eight partaking restaurants offered asparagus dishes, with ham from the butchers Nigg and Mair, asparagus wine from the winery Terlan aswell as the sparkling apple-winefrom the Sandwiesenhof. The mayor of the surrounding communes enjoyed the creative dishes, made from the Margarete asparagus. Dr. Schär and the bakery Mein Beck, supplied the cyclists with a sweet treat. "The organisation of this event was financially supported by the Raiffeisenkasse Terlan, and wants to help bring guests and locals into contact with the asparagus farmers and hosts.

From the left: Armin Gorfer, mayor of Gargazon, Roland Danay, mayor of Andrian, Edmund Lanziner, President of the association of communes Überetsch-Unterland, Klaus Runer, mayor of Terlan, and Georg Eyrl, head-chairman of the Terlan winery.

Photo Marion Lafogler

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Bicycle tour to Langfenn
Langfenn, 40km, 3h30, 1375 Höhenmeter,Track
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Terlano winery

picts © K. Brugger

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