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The Passer Gorge, water shapes the valley
Well diserved lunch
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Vilpianer Waterfall (mid section)

A small adventure directly from our doorstep:

Go towards the waterfall, and then turn left. A small but challenging slope awaits that goes on for about 20 minutes. You’ll soon get to the small Oberschol-inn. Across the suspension bridge and about 150 meters later at a parking lot, follow a small route into the weald that leads to two breath taking waterfalls. 5.3 km, 360 meters altitude, 2h, map

Keep walking on my friend and stay tuned!

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Vilpian Waterfall
Have you heard of the Parcines waterfall? Maybe you have, but did you know that there is a similar waterfall in Vilpian, fewer then 10 minutes on foot away from the Sparerhof, that is 82 meters high and therefor only insignificantly smaller?

700m, 10 minute walk, Map
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The Parcines waterfall

picts © nr 3 -6 F. Faber

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